Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Omens 4/5/13

I really should get used to rejection by now.  Only I haven't.  And it still stinks.  A lot.  But I'm managing, I guess, to shoulder on.  As such this week has been a horribly boring week with it being spring break and things being quiet and non-action-y and I've been totally taking a break from everything.  So....

On Mind the Thorns:

Spring Break!

On Bastion: The Last Hope

More Spring Break!

On Fictional Omens

I did actually comment on the whole Adria Richards "thing" aka Dongle-gate.  Can I say that attaching the word "Gate" to things to make them controversies is one of the lamest yet most convenient things I've seen in a while?

The hard part about blogging about Dongle Gate is that so many people have already done it.  Like a lot.  It was kind of a trick to bring something new to the table.

At home:

Hmm.... yes.  Did I mention Spring break?

And.... your weekly video:

I forgot how much I miss going to Dragon Con and how much I wish I could actually make my own costumes for CosPlay....

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