Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekly Omens 4/12/13

This week has been a curious one, with some odd bits of closure on certain fronts.  I'll do a dedicated post on it in the near future, but in the short term I'm more or less letting FantastiCon go where it will without a lot more dedicated promotion.  I have a lot of other awesome (and I think better) projects running and the fatigue of putting FantasiCon out there just isn't worth the returns.  Speaking of those other projects....

On Mind the Thorns:

Yes yes... over due.  Yes yes... we want to see that dress.

On Bastion: The Last Hope

Bastion returns from Spring Break with this video clip showing the mission briefing for Action Team Easy.  We haven't met the team yet, but we do know that they are shipping out to some point we've seen before.

On Fictional Omens

Things have been nutty crazy at work so I went to the archives again to pull out a post on what the world might be like once we get rid of the Terms "gay" and "lesbian" and we simply treat all relationships as just "relationships".

At home:

Redwings game.  Overtime.  Shoot out!  ANNNNNNNDDDDD...... we lost.

Then, because we didn't get into the stadium garage and I didn't know where else to park, we walked about a mile along the Detroit River, in the rain, back to the car.  Cold.  It was a rough way to end the night.  Sure I felt invigorated by the time we reached the car, but after the hour drive home, we were all ready to crash, and crash hard.

And.... your weekly video:

This is just a haunting rendition, and personally I like the lady's voices.

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