Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weekly Omens 4/27/13

It's amazing how fast a week can shoot past you when you're worried about getting everything done by Friday.  You keep thinking "I'll have time tomorrow to get it done" and then all of a sudden you're at the end of the week going "How did I not get time to get that done?"

On Mind the Thorns:

Speaking of getting it done:  A new chapter is posted.

Sadly, the poll seems to be broken and votes appear to be vanishing out of it.  As of Wednesday there were two votes, now there are none.  It's making me wonder what's up there, and if I should be using an external polling plug-in, or requiring votes to be in the comments section.

On Bastion: The Last Hope

To set up the next chapter we get a flash forward and see what Gunny has to say about what it was like to get the first real instructions after the beginning of the end of days.  It was a lot of fun to write and as always my actresses deliver a top performance.

If you're a regular follower (and why wouldn't you be?) please note that we are going on a one week hiatus so my fact checkers have some time to review the chapter for military procedural errors.

On Fictional Omens

I took some time to muse on my role as an author in communicating politics and the like.  I found myself writing my own views on gun control into my characters and I took a few minutes this week to reflect on whether or not that's really fair.

At home:

We wrapped up the Walking Dead and moved on to Mad Men.  It's starting off very dour but maybe that's how the show just is and I let myself forget.  I also put in an order for white hair dye so I can cosplay Hershel at an upcoming Comic-Con.  That should be fun.

And.... your weekly video:

We went bowling.  I took videos.  Wackiness ensues.

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