Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Omens 3-15-13

St. Patrick's Day looms close, and again I find myself without any engagements for it.  I miss playing the pub scene and letting people here real Irish music rather than another re-tread of Danny Boy or The Unicorn song.

On Mind the Thorns:

This week's chapter ends with a tough spot for Regan.  Stacy has agreed to build an entourage of men for Regan to have around her at the grand Vampire Ball by rounding up Regan's lovers over the last few months.  At the same time Thomas has asked Regan to be his escort for the evening.  Currently leading the polls is for Regan to ask Thomas to join in with all the other men she's slept with and be part of the party.

Dear Reader, I've got to tell you, that is not something I'm confident Thomas will sign on for.  Just, ya know, sayin'.  But, it is Reader Directed so we know Regan will make the offer to him, provide the current trend continues.  If it does, I have to admit, I'm rather looking forward to writing that chapter as I already have some wicked fun twists planned.

Related, Mind the Thorns remains in the top 600 of all Vampire stories on Wattpad, and is consistently a front page story in the Romance subsection of Vampire on that site.  If you're a Wattpad reader, feel free to leave comments there as well as on the main page.

On Bastion: The Last Hope

Continuing to cycle through the open story threads, we return to Dr. Spenser at Georgia State and we find out what has happened to his sister during the Biohazard Security event.  It's a fun challenge to keep all of these threads running seperately, while at the same time creating individual voices for each character.

I've also gotten some additional traffic through the Web Fiction Guide, so if you're a user there, feel free to drop a comment, review or rating.

On Fictional Omens

So this week I reposted a pair of blog posts I did about Merida, the heroine of Brave.  For the most part it was a discussion about the discussion of Merida's sexuality, specifically that I was shocked there ~was~ a discussion in the first place.  Then I was outraged.  It was brilliant blogging, folks, and you need to read it.

I also posted a link to another blogger who recounted an event she had with a caveman on the bus to work.  Seriously.  Caveman.  Also worth the read.

I started and stopped several blog posts about the contact that the new Randomhouse E-Book Only imprint Hydra was offering but it seems that most of that story has come and gone on its own.  If you're curious read up here.  I may weigh in on the larger picture next week.  Mostly I feel like it's odd that most of the conversation about what's right for small and budding authors is coming from established authors who don't seem to have as much skin in the proverbial game because they already have loyal followings of fans to support them and their craft.

At home:

The stomach bug that hit Kaylee moved on to Xander and now has done a full round robin of the house.  It made for a horrible Thursday but otherwise things are clipping along.

Speaking of.  Smash.  Watch it.  I'm serious.  Best show on TV.  It's like Glee for Grownups.  It also reminds me of the fact that we may be cutting the cord soon but we're both nervous about losing our favorite shows during that sweet spot that most people are watching them.  Of course we ALSO have all of this season's Once Upon a Time on the DVR waiting for us.

And.... your weekly video(s):

It's St. Patrick's Day Weekend.  You think you get away with just one?

Ireland Boys Hurrah


The Irish Rover

There were Roses

You and I in the One Bed Lie

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