Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cross Post: What not to say on the subway/ bus.

This little gem came from a blog I follow and I really just have to share it here.  "Stories about my Underpants" is a light comedy blog where a woman recounts all the kinds of wackiness she encounters day to day.  She's got a gift for story telling and I can very much relate to her style of Stream-of-Conscious speaking.  But today's post got my dander up, not because of what she said, but because of the guy she encountered:

Today’s guest appearance by said guy all started with his observations of various individuals boarding the train.
Upon noticing that someone was wearing rain boots and carrying an umbrealla :
“Woah, someone didn’t get the sunshine memo.” 
Upon noticing that there was an attractive woman on the train (shockingly, not me):
“He-l-oooo…..” and then creepily looking too long at the poor woman.
Upon reading the various news items that flashed across the tv screen on the train:
“They’re letting some woman run Facebook? Now I’ve seen everything.”
And that’s when I made the mistake of chiming in.

You need to read the rest of the story By Clicking Here.

 BTW:  Yeah, I did find the whole "Go all Detroit" a little tacky but I'm willing to forgive it in context.

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