Saturday, August 24, 2013

Weekly Omens - 8-24-13

This week I discovered Heroes of Cosplay and the train wreck of drama and cattiness that it is.  I'm not going to pull punches.  The editors of that show make the Cosplayers look like mean spirited wicked elitists.  The repeated commentary on, for example, Yaya Han's history in the hobby only seems further drive home that idea that Cosplay is for the select few.

It hit a fever pitch in Episode 2 when it was explained to newcomer Chloe (@skydart) that there are certain things you don't do, such as be 300 pounds and try to cosplay Superman.  I believe, possibly, that the other veteran Cosplayers were trying to say that the internet is a mean spirited place where people who are not within "the ideal" are mercilessly mocked and that being of a fuller figure means also being prepared for the fat-shaming and abuse that will follow.  I want to give them a break but I can't.

I won't.

And I'm going to leave it there for now because really my fuller thoughts on this should be in their own blog post and that's going to come next week, possibly after I see Episode 3.  Maybe.

So here's the rest of your weekly wrap up:

In Bastion:  The Last Stand

Hiatus week.  Time for me to prepare for Dragon Con.  Also it may not be until after Labor Day that my life find the normalcy necessary to return to a regular schedule of updates.  I'm hoping to be able to keep to a piece of prose every 3 weeks but I might be too optimistic with that.

On Fictional Omens

A woman posed for a picture with the sign, "This is what a Feminist Looks like".  Internet Trolls were as trolls are.  Facebook failed to do the right thing.  I'm still not sure about how they managed to blow this.

At Home

I'm prepping for Dragon Con!

For those going here's a short list of what I have planned:

  • Friday night:
    • Walking Dead Costume Group
  • Saturday
    • Dragon Con Parade as Dum Dum Dugan
    • Panel at 1pm on "Do We Need Teachers?" as part of the Science Track
    • Panel at 5pm on "Hollywoodpocalypse" as part of the Apocalypse Rising Track
  • Sunday
    • BSG Duty Blues costume for fun
    • Star Trek Costume Group
    • Panel at 7pm on Defiance: A Town without Mercy as part of the Apocalypse Rising Track
  • Monday
    • A long... long... drive home.
If you need any help finding me at the con, shoot a tweet to me @FictionalOmen, drop me an email or leave a comment here and I'll do my best to find you.

Your Weekly Video

I'm seriously considering making a lipsync video of "What Makes you Beautiful" by, yes I know, 1 Direction because of all the shaming and hate around Cosplay.  I'm not sure if I will or not but here's one of the best I've seen to some awesome Bon Jovi:

Rob Osterman is the author of the popular web novel Bastion: The Last Hope.  Its story follows those few who struggle to survive through the end of days and perserve what remains of humanity.  He also writes Mind the Thorns, a reader directed web novel chronicling the death and life of Regan Fairchild:  Accountant, Bachelorette and Vampire.

His first novel, Fantasti*Con follows Allison Cavanaugh on a weekend of geekery gone awry as she is stalked, followed, harassed and worse.  It is available on Amazon in print and eBook editions.

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  1. I share similar feelings about "Heroes of Cosplay". After watching the first episode, all I was thinking was drama and elitism. I was actually thinking I might as well never again compete in masquerades since my sewing only projects can't compete with amazing looking armours - I don't do armours and my props are usually not that great looking. I wanted to tell Becky (Merida) that she is NOT fat and to stop feeling so bad about herself.

    But then I saw on her Facebook page that she did not only say this in front of the camera (though she did share her feelings freely, choosing to be honest about her self doubts with the viewers) and that the Editing Monster created her character for the TV show from only this one subject.

    So I watched the first episode a second time, and suddenly it didn't seem that bad. I could see through the work of the Editing Monster. For instance, Yaya knocks of points for having modified store bought horns instead of casting them themselves; but these are people who are competing in the Masters category, and I would guess that she knows what that duo is capable of. The same would not happen for a novice costumer competing in Novice. Also, reality is, sometimes you have to figure out last minute patches, and sometimes, you don't finish your costume in time.

    I haven't yet seen the 2nd episode but we'll see.