Friday, December 7, 2012

Casting Call: Actors for Sci Fi Story

I am developing a web serial that will follow the exploits of the last of humanity as they fight to survive in the midst of an alien-driven Apocalypse.  I am seeking actors and actresses to provide audio interviews, video journals, and other multimedia as part of the evolving story.  The story will be posted online in weekly installments which will range from prose, to journals to multimedia files.

Compensation will be negotiated on an individual basis.

Interested parties should be able to:

  • Take web-cam based videos of themselves in "survival" costume with a neutral or dark background.
  • Work with a one week turn-around schedule
  • Be over the age of 18
  • Of any race, ethnicity or gender.
I am most interested in those able to speak languages other than English, have military experience, or are willing to work in an advisory role in addition to their acting duties.

Please send inquiries to MrOsterman92(at)gmail dot com.


  1. If you have need of a French Canadian soccer mom style, let me know!

    1. Actually that'd be great! A little bit of a variation in the accent too would help provide that sense that someone from NE Canada survived. How's your French? (I have an idea to have one of the personal journals be in entirely in French).

    2. I am French! And although I have been told I have no French accent when I speak English, I am good enough with imitating accents that I could fake one.

    3. Doh. I should have looked at your profile and seen that you're in Quebec directly. It's not the accent that's important to me, for the parts in English not having an accent is just as well; it's the fluent French that I can work with to create some interesting character development. I mean when the world's going to heck in a handbasket, being able to communicate will be a very very valuable skill for coordination.

      Can you shoot me an email at MrOsterman92(at)gmail dot com so we can coordinate a test video? I'm already working an outline for your character and her semi-tragic "back" story. Back being in quotes as I plan to release updates in a non-linear fashion.