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Posted 3/24/2012
"Another First Date" (1900 words)
Rebecca and Kyle enjoy an ideal first date, with a romantic dinner out and lots of common interests.  That is until the facade begins to crack.....

Posted 4/5/2012
"Missed Connections" (1400 words)
Geoff takes the chance that the girl at the coffee shop will see his Craigslist posting and call him.

Posted 5/21/2012
"The Next Best Thing" (1600 words)
A 2nd year Midshipman is well on his way to a drunken stupor when first year student Mercy Lyons, protagonist of the upcoming novel Alongside the Enemy, enters his crosshairs.

Posted 6/2/2012
"The London Kiss"
The tradition of sharing the first kiss is "granted" to Midshipman Mercy Lyons.  Only she's the target of a prank; she has no one to greet her at the station.

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